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John Johnson – Shoulder Surgery

I am currently a very healthy and still somewhat athletic seventy-two year old male. All my life, from high school until today, I have been physically active in some kind of sport or work out type exercising. In the past I have played football, wrestling, baseball, and long distance running. I have been a utility lineman which requires extreme lower and upper body strength to climb poles. I was, before spinal issues, and currently am a barbell strength lifter which basically entails progressively lifting heavy weights at low (4-6) repetitions.

I began serious barbell strength training in 2015 which is very late for a man my age, but doable if the lifts are done correctly. Weight lifting is inherently unsafe, but lots of fun for those of us that choose to do it. I was also doing some short jogging runs along with that, although I shouldn’t have combined the two simply because there is not enough muscular stress recovery time between the two activities. Some things you learn the hard way.

In the spring of 2016, I had shoulder surgery by Dr. Martin Coleman at OSC due to an injury as a result of heavy bench pressing. Dr. Coleman gave me Percocet-oral for post-op pain, but I didn’t need it. I followed his post-op physical instructions and I healed very quickly as far as normal shoulder use. It was a several months before I could lift heavy again using my shoulder. A year later and my shoulder is lifting heavy again. I was very happy with Dr. Coleman and the entire OSC staff.

As a result of my experiences with Dr. Coleman, Dr. Carlson and the entire OSC staff, I will continue to use their services for all of my spine and orthopedic issues and will recommend them to anyone seeking care within the entire realm of their services. Everyone, including the non-medical staff, which works in that practice has your best pain free health as their goal. I already have recommended Dr. Coleman and Dr. Carlson to several people who I think could benefit from their medical expertise and services.

John Johnson

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