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Joseph Connors – Shoulder Surgery

Ten years ago, I had to have my left shoulder, biceps, and rotator cuff operated on and I went to Dr. Martin Coleman. Not knowing what to expect, he explained to me everything by telling me what was going to be done and how I needed to rehab after the surgery. Everything went as he said and my shoulder has never been better. At that time I lived in Newport News, VA and it was easy for me to see him.

Now, ten years later, I am living up in New Kent, VA, which is close to an hour away (from Newport News) and very close to Richmond. I needed to get my right shoulder operated on and I did not even hesitate to drive back down to Newport News and see Dr. Coleman. Again, he explained the entire procedure. I had my shoulder surgery in December of 2016.

It is now April 2017 and, after doing everything he told me to do, my shoulder is doing great. I can not thank him enough for the quality of life that he has given back to me. There are many Doctors in the area but if anyone asks me where to go, Orthopaedic & Spine Center and Dr. Coleman is where I would send them.

Joseph Connors

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