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Kathleen Howe – Physical Therapy for Total Knee Replacement

Jamie SwaleOn 8/17/16, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes III. In the past, I used another physical therapy center, but after visiting OSC’s physical therapy center, I was extremely impressed! My Physical Therapist, Dr. Jamie Swale, and her Physical Therapist Technician, Maria Shanks, have done a phenomenal job during my PT!

My last day is scheduled for 11/3/16 . In the beginning, I went to physical therapy three times a week for the first two months and am now down to two days a week, since I wanted even more flexibility. It is important to do your physical therapy at home so you can achieve the most flexibility possible and continue to strengthen your body. Both Dr. Swale and Ms. Shanks challenge their patients and push them to their potential, not their frustration level. Dr. Swale and Ms. Maria Shanks did such a great job that I will be requesting them again in 2017, when I have my other knee replaced. Thank you for ensuring your patients do their exercises correctly and push them to their potential!

Kathleen Howe

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