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Kathleen Howe – Total Knee Replacement

IMG_1869It is two and a half months since Dr. Boyd Haynes III, from Orthopedic Spine Center in Newport News, performed my total knee replacement.

There are four things to consider when having a knee replacement. The first is, having a list of questions ready for your surgeon. Secondly, find an excellent surgeon, Dr. Boyd Haynes III for example, who listens to your concerns and considers everything before replying. Third, make sure you do your physical therapy exercises as instructed, remember to ice, and elevate the area. Failure to do physical therapy will result in a long recuperation period. Melissa Wickline from Bayada Home Health Care gave me two weeks physical therapy at home prior to attending Orthopedic Spine Center Physical Therapy Center 3 times a week. Lastly, if you need additional physical therapy, do whatever it takes to get your range of motion back. Speak to both your surgeon and physical therapist before considering low impact water aerobics at the Y, using the elliptical and the recumbent bike on the days you do not have physical therapy.

I chose Orthopedic Spine Center for my physical therapy, since they work one on one with their patients and care about your pain level and progress. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Jamie Swale and Ms. Maria Shanks! Kudos to all that helped make my surgery a success!

 Kathleen Howe 

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