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Kelly Etrata – Knee and Shoulder Pain

Erin Lee is the best at her job! She is always pleasant, makes you feel comfortable, takes her time with you, and is truly understanding. She has given me numerous injection shots in my knees and shoulder. Today she gave me one in my foot. ]-: I was extremely nervous because of the last injection I had in my foot (from another doctor at another facility) did not go so well. I expressed my concerns, and she reassured me and made me feel comfortable, talked me through it and needless to say it was painless. Erin Lee is a tremendous asset to OSC and Dr. McFarland (who is also great).


I always ask if Erin will be doing the injection, which probably isn’t fair to the others, but if she’s not there, I’m not having anyone else do it (well, Dr. McFarland did one injection for me while Erin was out and I was Ok with it). She is extremely talented and gifted at her job. Thanks, Erin Lee for all you do! You are the best!!!

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