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Kelvin Anderson – Jiffy (Direct Anterior Approach) Hip Replacements

I’ve been active since my early teen years. My father kept me active in scouting, and being outdoors, active. I became a pretty accomplished martial artist, a, 2:45:01 marathoner, and later fell in love with cycling, and riding with several groups on weekends, active.

I developed a weakness in my left hip after long runs, and the heel of my right riding shoe begin to gently touch the side of my bike frame while on bike rides. All of this occurred while having a very successful career as a Firefighter/EMT still able to go into fires and perform at a high level. I was also still able to run about 60 miles a week, until bilateral discomfort was the beginning of everyday. My activity level crashed and burned over a two year period, and on some days, each and every step could be painful.

I decided to see my primary physician for recommendations other than medication, and he recommended the Orthopaedic & Spine Center, and Dr. Boyd Haynes. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Haynes, I had the privilege of reading through several testimonials from people whose lives had been changed from different surgical procedures performed by Dr. Haynes. I think I psychologically begin to heal then, with the hope that I would be a candidate for something to rid me of this hip pain.

I left my first visit with Dr. Haynes with an entirely different outlook on life, thoughts of walking around at outdoor jazz festivals, visiting museums with cousins, walking and sleeping pain free.

Dr. Haynes performed two hip replacement surgeries on me. I had my left hip done early January of this year, and my right hip in late April. I was in the hospital for both surgeries 5:30 am and home by 1:00 pm that day. Dr. Haynes thoroughly explained from start to finish every aspect of the procedure, even up to the point to where I could possibly get back on my bike again.

Today, I am absolutely pain free. I have very slowly started to increase my activity level, life is good. I can honestly say that Dr. Haynes, and the staff involved in both of my surgeries, were some of the most nice and professional people that anyone can come in contact with. Thank You, Dr. Haynes, for giving me the opportunity to pursue more dreams.

Kelvin Anderson

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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