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Kimberly Holland – Knee Replacement

Here is my story: I am a 51 year old active female and my story goes back about five years ago, when I tore the meniscus in left knee. Eventually, I had to have surgery to repair. Six months later, I tore it again, but waited another 6 months before another surgery. Between the tears and arthritis progressing, Dr. Carlson and I did everything we possibly could to stop the inevitable…knee replacement. He told me that when I was ready I would know it, and sure enough, by the beginning of 2014, I was to that point. Surgery was scheduled for June 2014 and I have never looked back or regretted my decision. Before my surgery, I went to the class that is held at Mary Immaculate Hospital which explains just about everything you want to know about knee and hip surgery. I highly recommend anyone having either surgeries to attend this class.

The surgery went well and I’ve had no issues. I listened to what Dr. Carlson said about the recovery process and did what was required of me at Physical Therapy. I made the decision to do a little more PT as I felt I was not where I wanted to be in my recovery. This, I believe, was due to the fact, two months after knee replacement surgery, I had to have right knee surgery for torn meniscus (lateral & medial) and baker’s cyst. Finally, after 3 months of being out of work, I was able to return. I have returned to the gym full force, but have to pay attention to the knee. Every week both knees are getting stronger. My goal is to get back to a little running in the near future.

Thank you, Dr. Carlson. I feel very fortunate that you are my doctor and I highly recommend your expertise.

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