Larry Gene Laughery Sr. – Partial Knee Replacement, Meniscal Tear Surgery, Triceps Repair

I have been thinking about writing this, but every time I sit down to write my testimonial on Dr. Boyd Haynes, something else happens. First, my left shoulder. This is how I first met Dr. Haynes. It was a Workers Comp. required visit that I go see him, since other doctors could not find a problem. We seemed to hit it off on my first visit. X-rays and MRI showed nothing. Dr. Haynes said “we will have to do exploratory surgery to find the problem” and did. He fixed it during surgery and 12 years later, I am still going strong. My movement on left shoulder (the one that was operated on) is better than the right shoulder.

Next, about May 5th, 2011, also at work, I dropped a dishwasher, hitting the inside of my left knee, causing a bone to chip. X-rays and the first MRI did not show the chip, so here we go again, into exploratory surgery on my left knee. Dr. Haynes cleaned up the area and fixed the tear.

About two months later, the area of the chip started to hurt all the time. I went back to Dr. Haynes. He was so easy to work with. We did another MRI and not one chip showed up, but two. So Dr. Haynes went back in and pulled one part of the chip out and found the other chip which had gotten behind the knee cap.

I felt somewhat better, then on another visit, I had shots, then we tried some special rooster comb injections, all trying to keep from replacing the knee. On the next visit, I asked about the partial knee replacement. Dr. Boyd said he was sure it would work, but told me that it was my decision. I waited a few months, still hurting in that inside spot.

I called and said “let’s do the partial knee replacement”. And we did and after the replacement, I was pain free.

As soon as I was walking well, I stepped up on the curb in Newport News and blew out my right knee. It sounded like a Bakers Cyst and I could not walk very well. I went to see, who else? Dr. Boyd Haynes. I then had surgery to repair the meniscal tear in this knee and had old scar tissue be removed as well. I am doing very well and still working at 75 years young.

And yeah, around the 9th of April, while moving an appliance (a fridge on a dolly) setting it down, my right elbow bent forward, causing me to tear my right triceps. As Dr. Boyd, (as I call him now since I’m keeping him in business) said, he had only seen one other tear like this, it was so different, he could add this to his list of new things he had to repair.

I have seen a few doctors in my 75 years and Dr. Boyd Haynes happens to be one of the best. His bedside manners are the best, by the way he puts you at ease. I feel very lucky to have Dr. Boyd Haynes as my OSC Doctor.