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Larry Lane – Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Dr. Haynes and staff literally saved my vacation this summer.

I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. I had surgery in my right wrist by a another Doctor in the Richmond area, back in the year 2000. Back then, it took 6 to 7 weeks before I could use my right wrist. For that reason, I kept delaying the surgery on my left wrist.

During the early part of the summer of 2014, my left wrist began getting worse, to the point it woke me up a lot at night and I couldn\’t hold things in my left hand. Our family had a big vacation planned at Hilton Head in June. I didn\’t want this condition to ruin our vacation. So I went to the Orthopaedic and Spine Center and met Dr. Haynes and the wonderful staff. Because my vacation was a few weeks away there was not enough time to perform the procedure, so we decided on a cortisone treatment and that was a wonderful short-term treatment that saved our vacation. I had full use of the left hand, with very little pain at night.

Upon returning from vacation, I immediately scheduled the surgery. The procedure was much better than the one I had on my other wrist in 2000. I had the Endoscopic Carpel Tunnel Surgery performed by Dr Haynes which, believe it or not, has only a 3-4 day recovery time. I was at full use within 4 days. What an awesome experience. The staff did an outstanding job making feel comfortable and explaining things. I highly recommend Dr Haynes and the folks at OSC…they are very professional, put the patient first and have a world-class outfit.

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