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Linda Rogers – Lumbar Spine Surgery

Image of Dr. Jeffrey Carlson in scrubsI am 70 years old and with all the insurance changes, it was very stressful to try to figure out the who and why and where that I had coverage. Dr. Jeffrey Carlson helped me with this and then we got started on the when and why of what I needed.  It was very scary, as I do not do sick, except for Breast Cancer in 1996.

Dr. Carlson ordered a painless MRI of my LUMBAR SPINE.  Then, when he knew what had to be done, he set me up for outpatient surgery at Mary Immaculate Hospital on 1/24/2018. HIS staff went thru all the paper work and made sure I understood where to go and when and what to expect.

The day of the surgery, I was in so much pain that I could not move. Dr. Carlson came in before surgery and spoke to me and made me feel that all was okay. AND IT WAS. No problems. That very night, the pain was gone. I could move side to side and sit and walk and be ME AGAIN. IT was amazing.

Yesterday, I went in for my first visit to see how I was healing. The lady taking me back for x-rays could not believe how freely I was walking. The young man who took me back to the office could not believe that I had so much pep in my step, either. He was very gentle taking out the stitches also. Dr. Carlson came in with a handshake and left me with one also.

To be this age and scared, and then when I came out of surgery, there was no pain or stress, I know I was blessed. I did have someone take me to surgery, etc., but after that I was kinda on my own and ya know that was ALL I NEEDED as I healed. I was A GREAT nurse and that is because I worked with the best doctor who gave me all the information I needed to heal and get better.

Dr. Carlson is so kind and nice and really listened to me and spent time with me and not just so many minutes on the clock and on to the next one. His whole staff was kind and that is very very rare. IT does not happen today as my other doctors do not listen or take the time to care. Pain is serious and we should not go day-to-day with it.

So,  just know that Dr. Carlson and staff made the rest of my years on earth so much better and I thank you so much. It is unreal how great I feel now. GOD BLESS you all and it takes special doctors, nurses and staff to make the patients feel special and ya know we are.

IF I was not on a budget I would send Dr. Carlson  a big vase of flowers..sigh. But he might just get some dirt and a pack of flowers seeds to grow his own….but then nothing shows how thankful the patients are more than A HEART FELT THANK you…

Linda Rogers

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