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Linda Rogers – Physical Therapy

I was sent to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson by my cancer doctor.  Dr. Carlson was great at listening to what I had to say about the pain I was having, so he sent me to OSC Physical Therapy on Nat Turner Blvd.  Dr. Osowski was my main person to set me up with a plan.  Heather Cole was my person in charge of my planned workout.  Maria and Cory were the ones who helped me work the plan.

I am older so it is important that a older person feels comfortable with DR. J Carlson and the rest of the therapy team. I did. I never had a uneasy moment. THANKS to all of the above who helped me get back to being as MUCH me as I could get to. EXCELLENT employees who work together and make DR. Cs patients better. THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL.

Linda Rogers

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