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Linda Stewart – Spine Surgery

I came to Dr. Carlson for severe lower back pain after receiving no help or treatment from another physician.

My first visit was in September of 2013, just prior to our leaving for a 2 week trip to Ireland. Dr. Carlson not only listened intently to my description of the pain, but offered immediate information and means towards some relief. I was scheduled for an epidural and sent to physical therapy. It was the physical therapy that I did faithfully that literally got me through the 2 week escorted coach tour of Ireland.

Upon my return, I saw Dr. Carlson. He is an incredibly busy man, but not too busy to fully explain my back issue. My L4 had slipped and was resting on L5. I also had some spinal stenosis. I was sent for a 2nd epidural. In my case, the epidurals had no effect. At my December appointment, Dr. Carlson and I agreed surgery was the way to go at this point.

Remember how busy Dr. Carlson\’s schedule is? Because he recognized my pain, knowing I needed relief, he fit me into his already full surgical schedule for Friday, December 13, 2013. Imagine my surprise to find a small Christmas tree in my hospital room from Dr. Carlson!

After completing all required recuperative instructions to this date, my lower back is just fine. I have no pain and continue to walk and exercise at will. I thank God for Dr. Carlson and would highly recommend others to his services.

Linda L. Stewart

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