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Linda Vernell Bateman – Multi-level Spine Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Image of Linda BatemanMy experience at OSC with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson has just been amazing.

In August 2017, I had a MRI in the open MRI at OSC.  The MRI showed degenerative disc disease, severe spinal stenosis, bulging disc, and spurs on each side of spinal canal, involving levels L2 through S1. My back didn\’t hurt, but my right leg felt tight and standing straight was uncomfortable.

I met with Dr. Carlson in September 2017. Dr. Carlson told me I needed surgery, but suggested a steroid  injection to see if it helped and it did. I felt great, but it only lasted about a month. I had 2 more injections.

My surgery was done at Mary Immaculate Hospital on February 12th. Dr. Carlson did a multi-level fusion, removed the bone spurs, and relieved the pressure on the spinal column. I stayed one night at hospital. Dr. Carlson and his team were incredible. I wasn\’t even bruised.

I followed the post-op instructions, with the help and guidance from Personal Touch Home Health. Margaret and Julie were just wonderful and the suggestions they gave me really helped. I really wasn\’t in pain, but I did feel the nerves and muscles in my leg “waking up”, which was a strange feeling, but not painful. Now, I feel absolutely amazing.   I have full range of movement, the incision looks great. I am in Physical Therapy to strengthen core muscles. I didn\’t know how much my back was bothering me.

I hope you\’re reading this if you need surgery or if you are putting it off, rest assured, I highly recommend Dr. Carlson. I am very grateful to him for giving me back my ability to live my life to my full potential. Take Care of You!

Vernell Bateman

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