Lisa Jackson – Lumbar Fusion


I had surgery with Dr. Carlson on December 30, 2015. I was very nervous, because I had a spinal fusion in December of 2013 that was done wrong. I was referred to Dr. Carlson by my co-worker, Anthony Orozco, who had recent cervical fusion. I moved to the Hampton area from Richmond, Virginia in 2015, after a second cervical fusion revision. I had L4 lumbar fusion with Dr. Carlson.

Dr. Carlson is a true professional who really cares about his patients.  I tell all of my friends that he is the one to see for spinal issues. I praise him for the gift that God has placed in his hands. I am grateful I was referred to such a great physician and caretaker. May God truly bless his life and all the patients he touches.

Lisa Jackson