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Lorraine Price – Hip Replacement

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When I went to see Dr. Haynes 3 years before my hip replacement, I was shocked to hear him say that my hip pain was the result of a bone-on-bone problem due to arthritis. I didn\’t even know I had arthritis! I waited 3 years, toughing it out with various pain killers and trying a steroid injection, before I decided I didn\’t want to live out my life this way – feeling REALLY old at 69, living in constant pain and not being able to enjoy my young grandchildren. Never having had surgery of any kind, I was scared to death to do this – and still not fully believing that this replacement would really take away the pain.

Fast forward 4 years since my hip replacement and I can tell you I love my “new hip”! I\’m like the poster child for hip replacements, telling everyone who shows the slightest interest that It\’s great. The pain magically went away! And now it\’s time to consider replacing my other hip for the same reason. It\’s not as bad yet but then, I won\’t let it get as bad as the first one; I won\’t wait as long to have it replaced.

Finally, recuperation and physical therapy went without incident. I was driving in 2 weeks and back in my Pilates exercise class in 12 weeks. I would add one suggestion here – it pays to get in pretty good shape before you go in for surgery, maybe lose a few pounds (10 lbs for me) and try to strengthen your core muscles with some exercise. It certainly helped me recover fast. Last, but probably most important, Dr. Haynes performed the magic! I will definitely put my other hip in his hands when the time comes. Couldn\’t be happier with the treatment, the procedure, and the outcome!

Lorraine Price

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