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Margaret Prybyla – Hip Replacement Surgeries


I’ve had the need for not one, but 2 hip replacement surgical procedures, 2 years apart. In each case prior to surgery, I had difficulty walking for any length of time, washing my feet, and putting on socks.

Post surgery, I was released from home physical therapy in 2 weeks, to the amazement of the therapist. She said she had never seen anyone recover so quickly. I required no pain medication since leaving the hospital. By the end of 2 weeks I no longer required a cane or walker.

Dr. Haynes insisted that I continue physical therapy at the clinic for continued strengthening. During those sessions, the therapists declared that I should become a poster child for hip replacement surgery, having never seen such quick recovery. I am grateful for the expertise of Dr. Haynes and his assistants in providing a successful outcome and a truly speedy recovery.

Margaret Prybyla

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