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Marilyn Forman – Spine Surgery

img109Dr. Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD is highly-skilled and knowledgeable, uses up-to-date and innovative surgery techniques achieving incredible results on healing people with injuries and disorders of the spine.

My personal situation required a spinal fusion. I had to take medical leave from my teaching position at Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia, because of the pain I was experiencing. I could not sit, walk or lay down without pain. I am a 58 year old woman; however, I felt like an 85 year old woman, partially crippled because of the discomfort of the pain. My activity on the days before the operation consisted of planning one thing to do…such as buying food at a store. Then after accomplishing that one thing; I would have to lie down and rest for a couple of hours. After dinner, the pain would continue and persist; I would have to go to bed.

In that condition I was just enduring each day. I could not even begin the preparation needed for my job. I was literally living just to survive. My usefulness to society was gone and I feared I would have to cope with this pain forever.

Blessings and prayers brought me to Dr. Carlson. His diagnosis of my condition, explanation of the procedure, and his confidence in the outcome spurred me to arrange the operation after my first visit with him.

Yes! The success of the operation proved his analysis and confidence in what he needed to correct for my spine. The day after the operation was amazing. I could sit, lie down and walk without pain! I understandably had discomfort at the surgical site. However, when I was standing sitting or walking, I had no pain! For example, before the operation, I could sit only 15-20 minutes before I had to stand. The pain of sitting would present itself increasingly until I could not sit anymore. After the operation, I could sit over an hour without pain! I will never take sitting for granted anymore.

I can now resume teaching. Now I look forward to every day with my usefulness and purpose to society restored.

I thank Dr. Jeffrey Carlson for healing me. He has given me a second chance for a normal life. The success of this operation has awakened my purpose and goals to living; given me hope for the future and made it possible to enjoy life. Thank you.

Marilyn Forman
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

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