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Marina Cox – Knee Replacement

Meet the biggest chicken in the world, me! I can’t tell you how scared I was and how much I dreaded a complete knee replacement. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with many hospital stays and I’m afraid of needles. If I had it my way, I\’d never step foot in a hospital again. However, if I ever do need my other knee replaced, I’m going straight to Dr. Boyd Haynes for the procedure with no reservation and no fear.

I can attest to the excellent care I received and truly, I don’t feel the new knee AT ALL, anytime. Rumor has it, I may have the other knee replaced eventually and I’m not dreading the possibility. Granted, you HAVE TO LISTEN to him and DO WHAT HE SAYS. He said to me, “I’ll do my job, but you have to do yours too”. By that he meant that rehab is a crucial part of a successful recovery. Thanks to my daughter, she helped me with my rehab and I worked hard. For that, after about 4 weeks, I was able to come to my follow up visit without the help of a cane!

Record recovery everyone said. Dr. Haynes was wonderful and you can be sure you’re in good hands. My recommendation is unconditional! Thanks again, Dr. Haynes!

Marina Cox

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