Mary Ann Elliott – Shoulder Pain

Dear Dr. Haynes,

Just wanted to send a big “Thank You” for my visit on November 25 and the attentive care I was given. I had seen another specialist in the Northern VA area that took one look at the MRI and said “you need surgery”. After another few minutes, he said, “I can have you in surgery within two weeks due to your pain.” Anytime I started to ask a question, he interrupted and provided an answer to what he thought I was going to ask. I thanked him and said I would have the surgery in Tidewater due to the support I have here. My thinking; he is not going to touch me. Without even knowing what all was wrong with me, reviewing any of the medical information sent prior to the visit, or even seeing the Radiologist’s report, he went direct to surgery as the only option.

After establishing, growing, and successfully selling several firms in the technology sector, I have learned, only too well, the need for a sound program review prior to the start of any project. I often compare the Human Body to an IT Network. Even a small component failure, or bug, creates issues throughout the system. The same is true of the body – each of us is the sum of our parts and all are linked together.

In 2007, two doctors wanted to perform surgery on my lower back, then a second surgery six months later to repair a torn Labrum. The third doctor I saw, at John Hopkins, at least was a straight shooter, and he suggested I lose weight and get in better shape, prior to considering surgery. Which I did, with great success, and as a result – no surgery.

Your approach made so much sense. Plus – you wanted to obtain and review the full MRI report before recommending anything – that led me to have full confidence in your abilities. You spoke WITH me, not down to me. I look forward to working with you to resolve my shoulder pain to a successful outcome, with or without surgery.

Warm Regards,
Mary Ann Elliott