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Michael Taylor – Multi-level Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Jeffrey R. Carlson, MD, CPE, FAAOSFor over three years, I had been dealing with a condition that prevented me from standing for over 10 minutes without severe pain in my right hip and right foot would go numb. Also while walking, after about ½ mile, my right hip would start to hurt and my foot would develop a drop.
It started out relatively mild and I had undergone several conservative non-invasive procedures from a surgeon in whom I had confidence in Mt. Pleasant, SC. My wife and I relocated back to the Virginia from South Carolina in 2018.

In the meantime, my back, leg and foot issues progressively worsened to the point something had to be done.
I had an MRI, saw two surgeons, talked to friends and did research online. I decided on Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I believe I made the right choice.
Attentive and courteous, he gave me my options and I decided to finally get the problem fixed. In August of 2021, he performed a multi-level lumbar fusion.

Immediately I had no further pain in my hip while standing, no pain while walking and foot drop has disappeared. I’m playing golf again after six months. Distance has decreased somewhat, but there is no pain. It is now August 2023 and there are no issues with my lumbar spine.
If I have spine issues in the future I will be consulting Dr. Carlson.

Thank You,
Michael Taylor

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