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Milton Goldberg – Partial Knee Replacement

After 77 years of use, the cartilage in my left knee wore out. The knee hurt; it swelled, it was drained. Braces, ointment, orthotics, injections, and wishful thinking didn’t help.

Dr. Haynes saw me within days of my telephone call. X-rays revealed bone-on-bone and he advised surgery as the only effective,long-term option.

The partial knee replacement was done in a surgery center, after which I went home the same day. Once the anesthesia wore off the knee hurt, but pain was tempered by drugs.

Therapy began at home the next day. Recovery was slow and difficult, but I was assured that progress was being made. After about 2 weeks of therapy at home, I needed 4 or 5 weeks of therapy at an outside facility. After that, I gave up my walking cane and worked on a recumbent stationary bicycle for 2 months. By then, full range-of-motion was restored and I was able to everything I had done before the surgery.

Dr. Haynes’ work was excellent, as I am pain free, able to walk on a hike, ride a bicycle, cut the grass, dig in the yard, and climb a ladder, as I did before my knee failed. I also enjoy activities of all kinds with nine grandchildren.

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