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Nancy Carney – Spine Surgery

I am a 73-year-old retired R.N. who has experienced my share of heavy lifting. Until this past year, I was able to cope with the hip and leg pain I was having, but now it was intolerable. I could walk only short distances and stand for only brief periods. Consequently, I carried a campstool with me so that I might sit as needed. Not receiving any medical support to deal with the problem, I began to look elsewhere. In the early Fall, I saw an article featuring Dr. Jeffery Carlson speaking about spinal problems. My husband, two friends and I attended a seminar on spinal problems and to our amazement my problems were described to a “T”. Dr. Carlson answered everyone\’s questions and a tour of the facility followed.

Being a nurse, I had seen countless spinal patients in traction and experiencing more than one surgery to no avail. I vowed not to travel that road and yet here I was sitting across from Dr. Carlson. He listened to my tale of woe, ordered an MRI and gave me a prescription to deal with the pain. What a relief! At my next appointment, he showed us the MRI results, explained my problem and how he could correct it. As it happens, my original diagnosis was inaccurate and the quality of my remaining years would have been greatly diminished had I not sought a second opinion. My surgery was decompression and lumbar fusion and was performed on 12-13-10. Postoperatively, although I had pain from the surgery, the original pain in my hip and leg were gone. For a doubting Thomas, this was a miracle.

The well-organized care, personal attention by Dr. Carlson and the honesty with which he directed my care were impressive and appreciated. My friends, relatives and physical therapist are amazed by the speed and quality of my recovery.

OSC is second to none.

Nancy Carney

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