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Nancy Sandford – Knee Replacements & Spine Surgery

In 2007, I was having pain in my legs. It was interfering with my favorite pastime, tennis. Liking the atmosphere of the practice, having been treated satisfactorily by Dr. Haynes earlier, I sought out a spine specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. Upon being evaluated, x-rayed, trying anti-inflammatory meds, etc. it was determined that my back and knees were showing bone deterioration and arthritis. Taking care of the knees seemed to take priority.

In 2007, when I was 68 years old, and 2010, I had knee replacement surgery. In 3 months, after each surgery, I was back playing tennis and free of pain. Mobility continued to improve and I have been free of knee pain since.

In 2011, we got back to the back problem. Dr. Carlson operated, rehab followed. True to experience, I have returned to tennis and all activities on my calendar, all the while being pain free. I am a believer in the skills and experience of a good doctor. OSC has taken care of me many times. Dr. Carlson and his coworkers have my recommendation.

Nancy Sandford

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