David Deeley – Rotator Cuff Surgery and Physical Therapy

Dr. Boyd Haynes finally made me realize surgery was the only way I would get full use of my right arm again. I had a significant tear in my rotator cuff, and it was very painful to use my arm.

After surgery, four weeks out of work, following doctor’s orders, and Physical Therapy, I am well on my way to full use of my arm!

Dr. Haynes and his entire team (OSC Physical Therapy) are above and beyond!!… compassionate and encouraging! LIFE IS GOOD!… again!

David Deeley

Deborah Gilliam – 5 Star Review of Dr. Raj Sureja

Image of Dr. Raj SurejaI love OSC and the doctors there.  I see three OSC doctors, but I think I see Dr. Raj Sureja the most.  I have a bad back and Dr. Sureja keeps my pain under control…I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  The staff and Doctors are all top notch and use cutting-edge procedures.  I always know that they have my best interest at heart!

Deborah Gilliam

Michelle Georges – 5 Star Review of Dr. Raj Sureja – Interventional Pain Management

Image of Dr. Raj SurejaThe staff at OSC were warm and welcoming. Dr.Raj Sureja and his nurse have a good relationship, marked by humor and respect. I was impressed by the time the doctor took with me and plan of care.

The X-Ray folks had a new machine and were working through it with great teamwork and humor – they had a student with them who was clearly being well trained.

This group took time and despite my “severe” i.e., aging spine issues, I liked that Dr. Raj noted that I do NOT have a back ache, because the pain came on acutely and has hung around for a year, so it might be something other than spine in origin and he is going to help me out.

They all worked as a team, from the reception staff to the physician. This is the hallmark of a successful practice. I was impressed with the whole gang! I didn’t have to wait an hour! Everyone was very friendly.

Michelle Georges

Danny Hilling – 5 Star Review of Dr. Raj Sureja – Interventional Pain Management

Image of Dr. Raj SurejaI am very pleased with the service that I receive at OSC. The staff that greets you on the second floor, prior to your procedure, are fantastic, very courteous and professional.  Dr. Raj Sureja and his nurses are also courteous and very professional.  They provide outstanding customer service…and also, procedures that help alleviate my pain.

Danny Hilling

Neil Spiers – Hip Replacement

Image of Dr. Boyd Haynes I had my hip replaced in 2017. My hip was a problem for 40 years and was slowly getting worse each year. Doctors told me to tolerate the hip as long as possible, because hip replacements do not last. Dr. Boyd Haynes gave me the confidence that 2017 was the year for a change. My condition was to the point that I required a lot of over-the-counter medicine. After a few months of not being able to get up off the ground like most people and sleepless nights, I took the jump. No pun intended.

The procedure was as simple as taking a nap and it was over. The pre-op and post-op were wonderful. My rehab was 4 weeks and I was back to work. I am 64 and I highly recommend Dr. Boyd Haynes for hip replacement. I was also told that my hip sockets were deeper than most people. I have seen my  x-rays,one year later, and the hip replacement looks very good.

PS – You will be advised to take a 4 antibiotic pills  before any dental procedure, which I recommend to protect the new hip and bone health.

Neil Spiers

Andrea Luke – Spinal Cord Stimulation for Pain

Photo of Andrea Luke and Dr. SurejaMy name is Andrea Luke.  I am a mother of two and a registered nurse.  I injured my back at the age of 32 when lifting a patient at work.  I spent many years in pain.

My injury resulted in five spine surgeries, many tests and countless procedures.  My last surgery was a four level fusion that stopped any further deterioration, but left me with chronic pain.  I became unable to work as a nurse.  Everyday tasks were difficult and I missed out on many activities with my children.  In addition to nursing, I loved to ski, mountain bike, hike and scuba dive, all of which I could no longer do.  Medications helped my pain but did not take it away completely. Plus, I never felt like myself when taking the meds.

I found Dr. Raj Sureja and he worked with me to combat my chronic pain.  We tried injections and epidurals, but I did not get sufficient relief.  He suggested a spinal cord stimulator and after a while, I finally agreed.  My neurostimulator was a complete success. I now take no medication whatsoever.  I work full-time as a high-risk Labor and Delivery Nurse in Norfolk and I live a full, active and PAIN FREE life.  Neurostimulation was a complete game changer for me.  Thank you, Dr. Sureja!

Andrea Luke


Salvador Rodriguez – Physical Therapy Pre-and Post Surgically for Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

I was sent to the OSC Physical Therapy Department after seeing Dr. Carlson for my back issues.  The PT Program would consist of one-hour session twice a week for six weeks, under the supervision and care of Dr. Jamie Swale.  However, after a few sessions, the PT was interrupted, after an evaluation by Dr. Carlson of my MRI showed the severity of my condition.  Dr. Carlson decided that surgery would be necessary to correct my issues and I consented to have surgery.

Shortly after undergoing spine surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, I resumed Physical Therapy with Dr. Swale and her assistant.  I must admit that having significant exposure to physical training programs while being a member of the USAF for many years, I thought the PT program would be a piece of cake.  But, I was mistaken.  Dr. Swale made me work harder than I had worked in years.  But the effort paid off and was attested to by the results.

Because of my being at ease with the exercises and lack of pain in the last few PT sessions, the program was concluded three sessions before its scheduled end.  I believe that the swift way in which my PT program was completed is mostly the result of Dr. Carlson’s skill at surgery, my desire and efforts to get well quickly and Dr. Swale’s competence at physical therapy.  She made me work harder and asked me to render my best effort.  My thanks to everyone involved in addressing my condition!

Salvador Rodriguez

Lt. Colonel – USAF Retired



Salvador Rodriguez – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

Image of Salvador RodriguezWhen I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at OSC for evaluation of severe pain in my lower back, I doubted that the affliction, which occurred while playing soccer in 1960, would be corrected successfully.  Besides gathering the information about Dr. Carlson’s very impressive qualifications, which attest to his exceptional skills in addressing “back problems”, my first impression and personal evaluation of him and his staff was that of competence.  I was assured that I was in very good hands and I felt at ease.

Throughout the years, the source of my illness has been assessed as a pinched nerve, bilateral spondylosis, osteopenia of the lumbar spine, severe arthritis and other conditions.  My back pain worsened while lifting objects during a 2017 household move from Maryland to Virginia. Because of my advanced age, I hesitated in seeking medical attention.  However, my wife, who is an experienced registered nurse suggested that further consultation with medical specialists was necessary and to correct the problem, even if surgery was required.  Because my quality of life made it essential to continue with additional assessments, my Primary care Physician at Oyster Point Family Practice, referred me to OSC, which brought me to Dr. Carlson.

The visit with Dr. Carlson and subsequent analysis of the x-rays taken led Dr. Carlson to recommend undergoing Physical Therapy.  OSC’s PT Program would consist of one hour sessions, twice a week for six weeks, under the supervision and care of Dr. Jamie Swale.  However, my program was interrupted after a few sessions due to an increase in back pain.  That led Dr. Carlson to order an MRI to determine the cause of the pain.  Based on the assessment of the MRI, Dr. Carlson determined that surgery was necessary to correct my problem.

As my trust in Dr. Carlson was established on my initial visit with him, all that was required was my consent for the surgery, which I gave.  From that time forward, the many actions that were required were handled by Dr. Carlson and his staff, including getting authorization form my Cardiologist to proceed with the surgery.  They arranged for the surgery to take place at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News.

The surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Herniated Nucleus Pulposis (Disc), and Spondylolisthesis at L5-S1, was uneventful.  The one night stay at Mary Immaculate was interrupted by the many medical personnel waking me for many reasons, such as changing my IV medication bags, taking my vitals or just to see how I was doing.  It all showed me that they cared.  I was discharged the next day.

My faith in Dr. Carlson’s experience and surgical skills, as well as in his Staff, paid off.  I realized that I had placed my trust in a winning team!

Salvador O. Rodriguez

Lt. Colonel – USAF Retired



Nieta Blount – Multi-Level Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery

Image of Dr. Jeffrey CarlsonDr. Jeffrey Carson performed spine surgery on me in March 20th. This procedure was very blessed. I had a speedy recovery and the healing process has gone very well, for being less than 30 days post-surgery. Dr. Carlson first sent Physical Therapy to my home and I am now at OSC Physical Therapy.

My testimonial is that I would recommend him to anyone that’s having back problems.  Go see Dr. Carson at OSC!  He’s the best doctor I have experienced. Thank you, Dr. Carlson!

Nieta Blount