Gary Benoit – Knee Pain

My name is Gary Benoit and have been a patient with Dr Haynes for about 2 years plus. Problem is with both knees, broken parts you could say, such as meniscus tears, not aligned, looking at possible knee surgery, all resulting from years of excess wear and tear from running and playing sports in general. Thus far, the shots received over this period of time on both knees have been working quite well ICW 2 tablets of Aleve. As of this writing, I have not taken any Aleve for over a week which tells me the shots are working.

Dr Haynes is an avid listener and understands my issues with both knees. It appears to me that Dr Haynes is very knowledgeable, courteous, utmost professional care and concern with his patients and is certainly worthy of emulation.

Pamela Ausborn – Spine Surgery

About a year ago, I went to Dr. McFarland’s office for the first time. I was suffering from pain in the back, legs, and feet. My regular doctor referred me to him because he thought I was suffering from sciatica nerve. Dr. McFarland told me that I had spinal stenosis. I had three choices:
1. Physical Therapy
2. Pain meds
3. Surgery
He did not rush me to make a decision. He let me do what I want instead of pushing me into something I was afraid of (which was surgery). I tried the first 2 choices and they did not work for me. So, in October, 2013 I had the surgery. It was the best decision I made. I have my life back, pain free. This office staff and my doctor put it all together and made my life worth living again. My husband and I are retired and now we are able to do things – before a simple walk or standing was unbearable. I can play with my grandson again. Thanks to all the staff and most important, Dr. McFarland. Also, Shelly is a blessing to me!

Shirley Christian – Spine Surgery

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a 64 year old woman, who has suffered with a bad, bad back for almost fifty years, since I fell down icy steps, selling tickets for my home church, up in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. At the time, I was rushed by ambulance over eighty miles to a very large study facility, because I had limited use in my legs and was in severe pain. After extensive therapy and years of wearing a back brace, I still used a cane to help with maneuverability. However, I lived with pain, especially whenever there was inclement weather or when I tied to do anything beyond my capabilities, which I can tell you , were very limited. All through high school and college, I had to sit on the sidelines and watch, instead of participating, because of my back. I had been advised by numerous doctors to have back surgery, but I had heard so many “horror” stories from people about the results from their surgeries, and how they were left as “cripples” after surgery, that I swore that I would NEVER have back surgery. At least I could walk, if in pain, and wasn’t in a wheelchair.

Well, all that changed in May of 2013. I thought I had gone through it all with terminal cancer, which I somehow survived, but now, all of a sudden, I could not take more than two steps without excruciating pain in my left side. I had to sit, even when I was in pain and every day it got worse. I has all types of tests done, since my doctors considered it an after-effect of the cancer and the radiation and chemo. This went on for months, until my Oncologist suggested that, because I had a bad back, maybe these symptoms were coming from that, and he referred me to Dr. Jeffrey Carlson at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center. When I visited with the doctor, he immediately had an MRI done, plus X-rays and other tests and he evaluated me. What he told me shocked me. He said that if I didn’t have surgery done, I would be in a wheelchair by the end of the year. (I had to be brought into the visit in a wheelchair by my grandson, because I couldn’t walk the distance from the front door to the examining room).

I was now faced with the most important decision of my life. I asked him if there were any alternatives. He said we could try epidurals, that is needles with medicine inserted, in my case, in both sides of the spine, to relieve pressure on the spine. However, this did not relieve the pain and doctor stressed the fact that surgery was necessary. At this point, I felt I had no choice, and, against my better judgment, I agreed to go ahead with the surgery. I cried every day until my day of surgery, December 12th. My companion, Tom, is very critical of doctors, since an accident at birth has left him with a physical disability for life, but the bedside manner of Dr. Carlson has greatly impressed him.

Doctor came to see me prior to the surgery and we talked and he gently set my mind at ease (as much as could be done for someone babbling like a brook). His confidence instills a feeling of faith in those around him. Well, as I write this, four months later, I am so very glad I had that surgery done! I have had NO more pain in my side, which by the way was coming from my hip, my back feels wonderful, not too bad even during bad weather, not like before when I had to curl up in a ball with a heating pad and pray for good weather), and thank God, no wheelchair! The way I figure it, I was just waiting for the right doctor to do the surgery. I would recommend he and his office to anyone looking for a reputable and caring facility. I am a living example of his expertise and care. Plus, everyone on his staff is always there to answer any question you may have, whether on the phone or in the office. They all made a very anxious time into a smooth, well-coordinated experience.

Joel D. Snyder III – Hip Replacement

I had progressively failing right hip for several years and the time finally came. My hip replacement went off without a hitch. I practically waltzed down the hall the first time I got out of bed. The hip has worked perfectly and rehab was beautiful for five weeks until an epidural in my back wore off. Hip is perfect!

Dr. Hayne’s part in trying to fix my body has been OK in all respects!

Bruce Liles – Spine Surgery

Bruce LilesMy name is Bruce Liles and I am 59 years old. I have lived and worked in Newport News, VA since the early 70’s. I have always been very active. I work out at the gym several times a week and our family goes on active vacations, including snow skiing, camping, hiking and white-water rafting. I played sports in High School and I am a former casual runner and enjoy an occasional round of golf. My wife and I also enjoy working in the yard and flower beds.

A few years ago, I began to experience low back and right leg pain. I began to moderate some of my activity to try and reduce the frequency and duration of the flare-ups and began a more rigorous stretching routine. This helped for a while, but then the pain began to get worse and more frequent. I was referred to a local neurosurgeon and after reviewing an MRI of my spine, he told me nothing could be done surgically, given the severity of the degenerative disc disease at the L5-S1 level of my lower spine. According to what he found on the MRI, a nerve that was being compressed was causing the pain. He referred me to a Pain Management Doctors for the Lumbar Spine Epidural Injections, in an effort to reduce the inflammation causing the nerve compression.

I had a total of 3 injections over a one and a half year period. The initial injection helped temporarily, but the remaining injections were not helpful. The pain began to become unbearable, disrupting every aspect of my life. The pain became so constant and severe that I was unable to get a good night’s sleep. I could not lay flat on my back. I was unable to get a good night’s sleep. I could not lay flat on my back. I was unable to stand or walk for any length of time. I had to limit my activity level due to the pain. I was using ice and anti-inflammatories for some temporary relief. I was feeling very desperate and at my wit’s end. I was also not very good company, due to the pain and lack of sleep. My wife can attest to this.

After conducting some research about local surgeons who might be able to help, I made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, an Orthopaedic surgeon with Orthopaedic and Spine Center in Newport News. Dr. Carlson specializes in disorders of the spine. I met with Dr. Carlson and after reviewing a recent MRI and taking a history and physical, he sat me down, smiled and said very calmly, “I can fix this”. As you can imagine, I was a bit skeptical, but at the same time, Dr. Carlson’s sense of confidence in his abilities to help me and his “no-nonsense” demeanor intrigued me. After contemplating the procedure Dr. Carlson recommended and conducting some additional research, and enduring a couple more weeks of pain, I decided to move forward with the surgery.

A few days later, I met with Dr. Carlson’s surgical scheduler, Kaye Dame. Kaye took care of all of the details, including coordinating the details with my insurance company and scheduling all of the post-surgical activity, including Physical Therapy and follow-up appointments. Kaye was very efficient, informative and helpful. She was super-friendly and concerned that things were taken care of every step of the way.

Dr. Carlson met with me the morning of my surgery and explained in detail what was going to happen and answered all of my questions. Once again, his calm and confident demeanor put me at ease. Dr. Carlson performed a laminectomy, decompression and fusion at the L4-5 level and L5-S1 level of my lower spine. In layman’s terms, he removed the part of my spine that was compressing the nerve and used two titanium rods and screws to stabilize the spine in an attempt to eliminate any further trouble in this area. The surgery took about an hour and a half.

After being moved to my room and coming to, the first thing I noticed after coming to my senses that I was flat on my back and I felt no pain! Later, I decided to take a short walk down the hallway and after a few steps, again no pain! I spend that night in the hospital and Dr. Carlson came to check on me several times that day, as well as right before I was discharged the next afternoon.

I had several follow-up appointments with Dr. Carlson to have the area x-rayed to make certain everything was as it should be. It should be noted that every time I have scheduled an appointment with the office, I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes beyond the appointment time. All of the staff, including the receptionists, Physician’s Assistants, Nurses and radiology staff were very friendly, efficient , caring and professional. I was always treated with respect and the staff have shown incredible empathy toward me during my interactions with them.

Today, I am doing extremely well. I am pain free! I have had no lingering side-effects whatsoever and it is as though I never had a problem. I am back to my old self and prior activity level. My association with OSC has been a life-changer for me. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Dr. Carlson (my hero and a great surgeon!), Kaye Dame and the rest of the staff at OSC.

Thank you,
Bruce Liles
April 20, 2014

Sheila Dalton – Hip Replacement

I am 55 years old and I live in Chesapeake, Virginia. On March 5th, 2014, Dr. Boyd Haynes performed a right Hip Replacement Surgery on me. Before finding Dr. Haynes, I had been turned down by three Orthopedic Surgeons. I had given up at the age of 55. I thought for sure I was never going to get help, even though I had Osteoarthritis in my right hip bone to bone. Every Orthopedic Surgeon had turned me down because of my weight. All three Doctors had suggested that I needed a Gastric Bypass Surgery prior to replacing my hip. My insurance does not cover this procedure. So for three years, I became a prisoner in my own home. The only time I could get out of my house was for Doctor’s Appointments and I couldn’t get out of the house without assistance. I used a walker, but I had no life. Then I saw other Testimonials from Patients that had received help from Dr. Haynes, so I thought I would give it one more try and take another trip to an Orthopedic Surgeon.

I went for my first appointment in January 2014, when the X-ray Tech came to get me, I said to her, “If there is any doubt at all that he won’t be able to help me, please do not put me through any more pain of having more X-rays.” She then said, “I’m sure he will mention the weight, but I truly believe he will be able to perform the Surgery.” When Dr. Haynes came in the room and looked at my X-rays, he asked me how I was even walking. He then showed me the X-ray and said “look at your hip” and asked “when do you want to do this Surgery?” I was so overwhelmed. He told me he had performed this Surgery on people that weighed more than I did. I was so happy I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I broke into tears. His nurse asked me why I was crying, “are those happy tears?” I said “Yes”, then proceeded to explain to her what all that I had been through prior to finding Dr. Haynes. I really felt like my life was over until that moment. The nurse herself began to tear up.

So, I want to personally thank Dr. Haynes for giving me my life back. I am currently in Physical Therapy three times a week and I am amazed at what I am able to accomplish. It’s hard work and it can be painful at times, but I know in the end it will all be worth it. So thank you so much, Dr. Haynes, for everything.

Sandra Hayes – Physical Therapy

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Rachel Tyler and her amazing staff.

I had an absolutely wonderful experience at OSC. Ms. Tyler is an excellent therapist, professional, very knowledgeable, and truly compassionate. It’s clear that Ms. Tyler is also an excellent leader; from the moment I first entered OSC, I could sense the warm and friendly atmosphere and the sincere concern of each staff member for their patients. I have been a patient at many physical therapy facilities, OSC was by far the best.

Ms. Tyler’s assistant Ms. Catina was always so kind and accommodating, she made me feel as if nothing was ever too much to ask. The receptionists Autumn and Stachia were also so kind and friendly. It was a joy to see everyone at each appointment.

I will definitely recommend OSC to anyone. It is well-run, efficient, and deeply caring. Should I need additional help, I will definitely return to OSC!

Thanks again for everything,

Sandra Hayes

Willard Ahlman – Open MRI

I am 62 Years old and had my first MRI today. Pam Simmons was AWESOME! Made me feel comfortable, explained it all, helped me in and out of my wheelchair, and just overall seemed happy and was very pleasant. Another great experience at OSC! (My first visit with Dr. Carlson was great!) Again, I am so glad that my PCP, Denise Chernitzer recommended OSC!

Aimee Hamilton – Hip Replacement

I have been having trouble with me left hip for over 6 years. My first Ortho in 2008 found a tumor in my ball and socket joint that was creating a popping when I walked which was very uncomfortable. Then in 2010, I was having pain and clicking in the hip again, so I went under the knife for a second time, only to find a labrum tear and bone spur which was causing the pain. Then in 2013, I noticed that I was getting very stiff when I would sit for a period of time and it became painful after a while, so I started seeing Dr. Andrus to get help for what we now know was arthritis! I was done at this point and wasn’t sure what to do. That’s when Dr. A sent me to Dr. Haynes.

He came barreling through the door and said “you know there is only one option for you, right?” And I replied “I’m too young for a hip replacement.” He quickly put my mind at ease and I agreed to do it. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now without the stiffness. I’m still at present healing from surgery and feel better already. I would totally send all my family and friends to see Dr. H for anything. He was great throughout the whole experience. A lot of fun and great personality. Which is what I look for and enjoy in a Dr. Thanks Dr. H!!

Rachel Jackson – Knee & Neck Surgery

I have been fortunate to have Dr. McFarland perform surgery on me on three different occasions. The last was recently when he performed surgery on my neck. His professionalism and performance has been amazing. It has been amazing how my recovery has been following knee surgery and neck surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone. Don’t be afraid – he really cares.