Nancy Carney – Spine Surgery

I am a 73-year-old retired R.N. who has experienced my share of heavy lifting. Until this past year, I was able to cope with the hip and leg pain I was having, but now it was intolerable. I could walk only short distances and stand for only brief periods. Consequently, I carried a campstool with me so that I might sit as needed. Not receiving any medical support to deal with the problem, I began to look elsewhere. In the early Fall, I saw an article featuring Dr. Jeffery Carlson speaking about spinal problems. My husband, two friends and I attended a seminar on spinal problems and to our amazement my problems were described to a “T”. Dr. Carlson answered everyone’s questions and a tour of the facility followed.

Being a nurse, I had seen countless spinal patients in traction and experiencing more than one surgery to no avail. I vowed not to travel that road and yet here I was sitting across from Dr. Carlson. He listened to my tale of woe, ordered an MRI and gave me a prescription to deal with the pain. What a relief! At my next appointment, he showed us the MRI results, explained my problem and how he could correct it. As it happens, my original diagnosis was inaccurate and the quality of my remaining years would have been greatly diminished had I not sought a second opinion. My surgery was decompression and lumbar fusion and was performed on 12-13-10. Postoperatively, although I had pain from the surgery, the original pain in my hip and leg were gone. For a doubting Thomas, this was a miracle.

The well-organized care, personal attention by Dr. Carlson and the honesty with which he directed my care were impressive and appreciated. My friends, relatives and physical therapist are amazed by the speed and quality of my recovery.

OSC is second to none.

Nancy Carney

Maureen Hutchens – Spine Surgery

I was unaware of impending back issues when I awoke one morning in July 2010 unable to stand up straight. I had always been apprehensive about back surgery in general, but after listening to Dr. Jeffery Carlson I was reassured that microdiskectomy was the way to end the pain from my herniated disc. He was right.

When I woke up from surgery I immediately felt immense relief. After 5-6 weeks I had fully recovered with no residual ill effects.

I feel that everyone at OSC played their part in making my outpatient surgery a smooth sequence of events. From the moment that the appointments are scheduled, everyone greets you with a smile and a very professional manner. It is a very great convenience that x-ray and MRI services are available on site. Follow-up care is very thorough. I had several questions after I got home, and when I called the office a woman named Barbara Tuori was most helpful and I certainly feel like I owe her many thanks for being available and for her kindness.

Dr. Carlson has my total gratitude and respect. I am delighted to recommend him and the entire office, especially to anyone who might be hesitating about seeking help for orthopedic issues.

Marla Prow Brown – Knee Replacement/Spine Surgery

Never realizing how genetics and other factors would affect me in years to come, I was referred to Dr. Haynes by Dr. Trieshmann – well over ten years ago regarding knee replacement/partial knee replacement – to discuss different avenues available to me. After everything else was tried – it was inevitable that no other solutions would fix my deteriorating knees (and other body parts). Hence, my first knee replacement.

When I met Dr. Haynes many years ago, I was delighted to find an Ortho Surgeon with a sense of humor. Right up my alley!! I also found Dr. Haynes to be compassionate and sensitive to my plight. I am one of those patients who really DOES believe a doctor with a sense of humor in addition to knowledge, skill and experience – positively assists with overall recovery, not to mention putting the patient more at ease.

Since then, needless to say, I have several surgeries from Dr. Haynes. Due to his skills, I was finally able to walk down the halls at school and not hang on to the walls.

The staff at OSC knows me as well—and I kid with them if that is a good thing or not! The Office Staff is very pleasant, highly efficient, organized and helpful when it came to me needing anything from an appointment, records or paperwork.

I trust Dr. Haynes and his P.A. Jamie implicitly. They are also familiar with my home life, pain level, amount of energy I may or may not have, work history, family support, medical history and what effort is required upon returning to work. In order to heal properly with good results, patients MUST (also) be vigilant with Drs. orders, follow through instructions, PT, rest, etc. I have been been a very compliant patient as I do not want to end up as a statistic and be wheelchair bound and avoid any complications that may occur due to my negligence.

Since they do know me so well, it allows me to be honest and open regarding my reason for the doctor visit. I feel as though Dr. Haynes knows I wouldn’t make an appointment – or complain, unless I truly had an issue with either of my knees.

I also dealt with blinding pain that ran up and down my right leg, after a work related fall. I was sent to Physical Therapy centers, and had no choice which ones. Their offices were overcrowded and inept. They took no time to delve into the root of my discomfort. They merely assigned a busy aide to do therapy on my leg.

I requested an appointment with Dr. Carlson @ OSC. – as Dr. Haynes had suggested Dr. Carlson for my ailment. Dr. Carlson sent me to Physical Therapy @ OSC. I met Dave, the Therapist who took my history, symptoms, topped off with a hands on examination. I was in utter disbelief as Dave discovered that the pain in my leg, was due to deteriorated disks in my BACK. I finally found some relief and was very grateful that I had requested Dr. Carlson.

Dr. Carlson’s surgical skills then alleviated yet more bone deterioration in my lower back-and I am grateful to him and his P.A. as well. For the first time in almost 2 years, my leg didn’t hurt.

Over the years, Dr. Haynes has gotten quite popular indeed. I know I have suggested OSC to numerous friends and co-workers.

I am proud to be Dr. Haynes’ and Jamie’s “special” patient!! Thank you!!

Marla Prow Brown
Hampton, Va.

Marie P. Caulford – Spine Surgery

I had two previous neck surgeries, in the past two years, to fuse several disks. I came to Dr. Carlson about a disk in my back and asked if numbness in my arm and dropping things was related. He said no and took some additional x-rays of my neck. He found the problem immediately and said it was something that need to be taken care of sooner rather than later and that the back problem could wait. Needless, to say I was so thrilled that he took the time to have the x-rays done. One of his staff, Kaye, set up the surgery schedule and assisted with the fitting of the neck brace. She answered many of our questions and concerns regarding the surgery, since I had the surgery twice in the past (with unsuccessful results) and was very reluctant of going through a third one. She was most reassuring. Kaye was even available after the surgery, assisting me with follow-up appointments and medication inquiries.

The surgery was a success! I now have full use of my hands and arms again. I can actually feel a handshake, which I could not before. I even feel I stand straighter. It is all thanks to Dr. Carlson. He is definitely the Orthopedic surgeon that you would want for this type of surgery. He is very caring individual and dedicated to his profession. I would highly recommend him. I have already done so to my family and friends.

The entire staff at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center is most courteous and helpful. They are always willing to assist with a change of appointments, even working you in when the calendar is full. They show care and compassion for the patient, which is always reassuring.

Leonora del Rosario Reiley – Spine Surgery/Physical Therapy

After a subpar experience in every way with another local orthopedic group, I finally caved in to my mother-in-law’s advice and made an appointment with Jeffrey Carlson for chronic neck and shoulder pain that had plagued me for over a decade.

I was amazed at the facility. MRI’s and x-rays on site–no traveling to second locations for the aforementioned tests. Efficient billing practices and fast turnover of workmen’s comp and other potentially frustrating forms that come with the medical territory.

Dr. Carlson’s expertise and compassionate manner is evident at every phase of treatment. I feel confident in saying that The Orthopedic and Spine Center is comparable to anything big cities or famous medical facilities, such as Duke or Johns Hopkins, have to offer. After ruling out every other possible treatment, Dr. Carlson performed an anterior cervical diskectomy that went without a hitch, and I have been pain-free since.

I have also used the physical therapy services at OSC and have found them to be excellent. I underwent two rounds of grueling PT at another PT office, so was very pleased when Dave Durham came up with a completely different routine from those I had been prescribed before that banished my symptoms quickly. More important, I can do this routine easily at a gym should my symptoms reoccur.

While I can’t say I look forward to future dealings with OSC, I at least know that I will have the very best care, should I need their expertise down the road.


Leonora del Rosario Reiley

James Pressick – Spine Surgery

For several years I had been putting up with pretty severe back, pain but was reluctant to have back surgery, considering all the horror stories that had been told. These included people who had back surgery who ended up worse off and some had trouble getting around. After my pain got to the unbearable point which affected my daily life, including stopping playing handball, I decided to see  Dr. Carlson of the Orthopaedic and Spine Center. He discussed all the options, which included surgery, but more importantly, set my fears at rest by explaining the advances in technology and procedures which improves the odds considerably for a full recovery. My surgery was on January 20, 2010. During my five week check-up, I asked Dr. Carlson if there were any restrictions on me, specifically could I play handball. He said no restrictions, so that afternoon I was back on the court. I play handball up to five days a week. My surgery was one year ago, when I was 72 years old. Dr. Carlson gave me my life back so I can enjoy my freedom from pain. Thank you Dr. Carlson!

James Pressick, Poquoson

Cynthia M. Davis – Spine Surgery

I am a 60 year old woman, widowed in January of 2011. In May 2008, I had surgery to repair a ruptured disc at L4-L5. I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and needed to have a rod with screws and a cage inserted in my back to keep it stable while the bone fusion was taking place. It was a long recuperation and a painful one. It took about three weeks to be able to sit upright in the bed, without pain upon doing so. I had to wear my back brace whenever out of the bed, lasting for 3 months. I was told before the surgery that it would take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to recuperate. Later, I was told that it would take at least a full year to totally recover. After approximately 9 months, I began to have recurring pain in my back which was from scar tissue according to my surgeon.

This past summer, I found that I had to have back surgery again. I had developed a ruptured disc at L3-L4. I chose to go to another surgeon this time. I had heard a lot about Dr. Jeffrey Carlson and made an appointment to see him. He sent me for physical therapy and when I did not get better, he ordered an MRI and discovered the new rupture. I scheduled the surgery for July, but was not looking forward to another long recuperation. However; this time, it was different.

This time my recovery was nothing short of marvelous! My surgery was on July 26, 2011. I was out of pain after the surgery and out of the brace within 3 weeks. I went back to work part-time August 15th and returned to work full-time August 22nd. I have gone to physical therapy to strengthen my back muscles to prevent another recurrence and I feel great! I have no pain whatsoever from my back. I look forward to being able to do things I haven’t been able to do for years. The other day, I ran to the elevator, and it did not hurt! I am still amazed and so thankful that I found Dr. Carlson!

Sherry D. Neff – Pain Management

Prior to being treated by Dr. Raj Sureja at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center, I was a patient at another pain clinic in the area. Over a period of seven to eight years, I had numerous injections in my back and I was on a variety of pain medications. By the time I was seen by Dr. Sureja, I was on ever increasing doses of morphine and hydrocodone. The physician at the pain clinic had asked me what my expectations were. I told him that, eventually, I would like to be able to discontinue taking pain medications. He told me that I was being unrealistic and that this would not happen.

After treatment with Dr. Sureja involving radio frequency denervation, I was able to gradually decrease and then stop the pain medications. I am forever thankful to Dr. Sureja and the staff at Orthopaedic and Spine Center for the excellent care I have received.

Sherry D. Neff

Jan Holloman – Spine Surgery

Dear Dr. Carlson,

I want to thank you so much for the excellent care you and your staff has given my family. You have been such a blessing to us, and we want to share our appreciation in hopes that our experiences may be comforting and a confirmation to others who are making decisions regarding their health.

Thanks to Orthopaedic & Spine Center, my left shoulder now feels as good as new.

We first met you when you cared for our son after a traumatic fall at his summer job on July 31, 2003, resulting in multiple fractures, breaks and internal injuries. Your expertise, punctuated by your care and compassion, resulted in a complete recovery for Justin, and a return to college when the 2003 school year began at the end of August, just a month later- far above any expectations we could have had without full faith in God’s miracles and in the care Justin received from you and others on his “team” of doctors.

In 2004, I began experiencing sciatic pain. For the next 2 1/2 years, determined not to have surgery on my lower back, I did everything I could do to address it, including receiving more than 75 chiropractic adjustments from two different chiropractors, physical therapy, massage therapy, ultrasonic therapy, and as a last attempt, even steroid injection therapy with a physician in your group. None of these things offered any relief. With your understanding and gentle guidance, I finally came to the realization that surgery was going to be my only option in gaining the relief I desperately needed. In October, 2007, you performed a microdiskectomy on my L4/L5 disk that had ruptured, a 30 minute procedure in which you simply removed the rather large pieces of disk that had broken off and were lying on the sciatic nerve causing my constant pain. I was totally shocked and so very thankful when I awakened from the procedure to find that the sciatic pain was completely gone!

Then in September of 2010, I began experiencing a pain in my throat. I’m an educator by profession for my “day job”, and additionally, my husband and I are professional musicians providing entertainment for a variety of venues during evenings and on weekends. The pain I was experiencing made it very difficult to talk and sing – catastrophic to both of my passions! Long story made short, after 4 frustrating months and 6 doctors later, you ordered a MRI that revealed a degenerative C6/C7 disk and a bone spur and that was pressing into my esophagus. Your staff was able to schedule me extremely quickly for surgery on January 7, 2011. Following another discectomy and removal of the bone spur, I again awakened to find the pain I had been experiencing in my throat completely gone! I was able to go home that same day (though I had been cleared to stay overnight), and even while wearing the “cute” Miami-J collar, my husband was astounded to hear that I’d slept better that night than I had in weeks! I was able to return to the “desk work” portion of my job on Monday morning for a half day, but was back to full time by the end of the week, and even more remarkable, we travelled to FL and played a gig just two weeks after my surgery. I was able to sing without any difficulty whatsoever! Except for a 20 pound weight-lifting restriction, I have had zero limitations. Incredible!!

I can only attribute all three of these success stories to a Faithful Father whom there’s nothing too difficult for, and to the talent, wisdom and expertise of a phenomenal surgeon, Dr. Jeffry Carlson!

I am a healthy, active woman in my early 50’s, so I never would have expected to have already required two surgeries on my spine! I pray that I won’t need any more intervention for MANY years to come, but if I do, I pray that Dr. Carlson will also be there to provide me with the care, compassion, diagnosis, education, and solution I need to regain the quality of life I’m accustomed to having.


Jan Holloman

Dave Eilers – Spine Surgery

I was dealing with hip pain for 7 years and had an MRI of my hip and back more than once. I went to 3 different doctors and had no problems they could identify. One doctor suggested that removing the hip bursa might correct the hip pain. I had this done, but it did not help with the pain. I could only walk for a city block before the pain would set in. I could sit and rest for 2 minutes and walk another block. Standing for any length of time was also difficult, and the pain would set right in again. I had steroid shots in the hip every 4 months, sometimes epidural shots in my back also relieved the pain for a short period of time, then right back to the same old pain.

As time went on, numbness began in my right foot and pain in my leg at night. Dr. Carlson was recommended to me by two of my friends, so I made an appointment with him. Prior to going, I said to myself “no way am I having a back operation.” I had an MRI done and an appointment with Dr. Carlson in Feb. 2011. He informed me that I had a cyst pressing on my sciatic nerve and also spinal stenosis and that I needed surgery. I agreed, since it was only getting worse and I couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

Surgery was April 6, 2011, and Dr. Carlson fused L-3, L-4, L-5 and S-1. Recovery from the back surgery went well and I only needed a limited number of pain pills when I got home. I was quite surprised! I followed Dr. Carlson’s directions after I got home, with exercising, walking and physical therapy. I continue to do my exercises at home to keep my back strong.

Bottom line – my hip and leg pain was coming from my back. I have no restrictions on what I can do and at age 69, I continue to do yard work, cut trees, go fishing, walk and stand as long as I like.

Thank you Dr. Carlson.