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Pamela Ausborn – Spine Surgery

About a year ago, I went to Dr. McFarland’s office for the first time. I was suffering from pain in the back, legs, and feet. My regular doctor referred me to him because he thought I was suffering from sciatica nerve. Dr. McFarland told me that I had spinal stenosis. I had three choices:
1. Physical Therapy
2. Pain meds
3. Surgery
He did not rush me to make a decision. He let me do what I want instead of pushing me into something I was afraid of (which was surgery). I tried the first 2 choices and they did not work for me. So, in October, 2013 I had the surgery. It was the best decision I made. I have my life back, pain free. This office staff and my doctor put it all together and made my life worth living again. My husband and I are retired and now we are able to do things – before a simple walk or standing was unbearable. I can play with my grandson again. Thanks to all the staff and most important, Dr. McFarland. Also, Shelly is a blessing to me!

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