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Patricia Stuhm – Spine Surgery

I am a 57 yr old female who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I met with Dr. Carlson on a rather urgent basis back in April; both my legs were going numb when I walked. Within a minute of moving, I had to run to get to a chair as it felt like my legs were giving in (I also had lower back pain for 8 years, but it wasn\’t bad enough for me to visit the doctor). Dr. Carlson said “you have Spinal Stenosis and need surgery”. He performed a lumbar fusion, 2 levels. The day after surgery in the hospital, I got myself out of the bed and started walking, and it was amazing. I had no numbness in my legs; I was so excited.

Thank you Dr. Carlson, for giving me back my legs and quality of life; you are the best and I am forever grateful.

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