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Paul Heaton – Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery


I was having trouble walking and felt that I could not continue walking without resting first. I made an appointment with OSC and was referred to Dr. Carlson.

After an MRI, l was made aware that the lumbar region of my back was shot. I am 66 years old and was informed I needed a lumbar fusion to correct the situation. After one round of shots, which were not helping, I decided to have the surgery after researching Dr. Carlson\’s credentials. Dr Carlson was very professional in all my appointments and did not pull any punches related to my condition and surgery required.

I had the surgery and was up walking a couple of hours after my surgery with no pain in my back. The services provided by Dr. Carlson\’s plan were all done professionally and as he told me during recovery and through therapy. I would recommend Dr. Carlson to anyone needing surgery related to the spine. He is the best without a doubt,and gave me my life back. Thank you so much, Dr. Carlson and staff.

Paul Heaton

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