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Robert Morrisette – Shoulder Surgery


Dr. Martin Coleman

I am a very active 63 year old man who has been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for over six years. There never seemed to be the right time for surgery. When I begin to lose  function and the pain increased I went to see orthopaedic surgeons in search for a surgical repair. After having an MRI one surgeon lectured me for waiting too long and more or less said that he would attempt to repair the three torn and retracted tendons but the repair would probably fail. Another surgeon informed me that the only way to address my shoulder was complete joint replacement. After doing my own research I decided to seek a third opinion.

I was aware of the positive reputation of OSC and made an appointment to see Dr. Coleman. Dr Coleman reviewed the MRI report and gave me hope that a repair to two of the tendons could be successful. It\’s been a little over four months since my surgery and I am recovering well, gaining strength, and experiencing less pain. The two hour drive to Newport News from my NC home was well worth it.

I am thankful to and have great respect for Dr. Coleman and OSC!

Robert Morrisette

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