Robin Gaita -Spine Surgery for Bulging Disc

For about a year and a half I had major pain in my arm and neck (Numbness).  I went to many doctors that my general physician sent me to. Finally, after receiving an MRI, they concluded I had a bulging disc. I was sent to a neurosurgeon and he said I would need surgery.

I did not really feel comfortable with his explanation and decided to wait. After 6 months, I was in less pain but it was always there.  A random person told me about someone who seen Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I made an appointment that day.

Once I spoke with him, he went over my MRI and explained in detail what was going on, I scheduled surgery ASAP. His staff is wonderful to work with, the Physical Therapy Center they have is awesome as well .  I am very happy I got second opinion and would recommend to anyone!

Robin Gaita