Rusty Woods – Herniated Disc and Epidural Injections

My name is Rusty Woods. I woke up one morning in January 2015 and my neck hurt, like I had slept in a weird position. I figured that I would loosen up and feel better after a day or so. Man, was I wrong. The next day, I felt worse and by day three, I was having shooting pains from under my arm, around my elbow and into three fingers. When I turned my head to one side, the pain was excruciating. My 3 fingertips also began going numb. The Aleve, the muscle rub and hot showers weren’t helping at all. My wife works for the doctors at OSC and she quickly figured out that I needed a physician’s care.

Dr. Mark McFarland pic-Black coat
She described my symptoms to Dr. Mark McFarland and he was kind enough to phone in some medication for me as I was traveling for work. He gave me some steroids to reduce the inflammation and told me if I wasn’t better in a week to come in for an appointment. I didn’t get better.
Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jeffrey Carlson
I made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Carlson. I had X-rays taken. Dr. Carlson reviewed my symptoms. He ordered an MRI of my neck. I had the MRI within a few days and then we reviewed it together. I had a bulging disc in my neck which was pressing on a nerve. Although it wasn’t a terrible bulge, I was in a lot of pain and felt miserable. My arm would go to sleep all of the time and I had a hard time getting comfortable in any position. Dr. Carlson recommended an epidural steroid injection. I made an appointment with Dr. Raj Sureja.

About a week later, I had my first epidural steroid injection with Dr. Sureja. Although I had heard that the injections hurt, I really didn’t feel pain from the injection and it went very smoothly. Dr. Sureja explained everything that he was doing from start to finish. After a few days, I started to feel some relief, but I still felt pain, especially when I turned my head.
After two weeks, Dr. Sureja gave me a second epidural injection in the same area of my spine. Again, it was not painful and I felt fine afterwards. After this injection, I began to feel better and better. Pretty soon, my painful bulging disc became a bad memory.

The other day, my wife asked how my neck was doing and how my pain was. I told her that I had pretty much forgotten about it, so I guess that is about as good as it gets! Thanks to all the great doctors at OSC for helping me completely forget about my pain!