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Sally Price – Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery and Physical Therapy

I am Sally Price and in 2015, I had a rotator cuff tear, expertly fixed by Dr. Martin Coleman. Three months later, I unfortunately tore it again, but this time I ruptured the shoulder. Thankfully, Dr. Coleman was able to repair it again, but told me it would take me a year to get it back to moving normally.

Fortunately, I went to OSC-Physical Therapy where I received excellent care. For six months, the therapists there patiently worked with me. I especially appreciate their compassion and encouragement. They worked around my chronic back pain that limits my activity, allowing me to lie down when I needed to, and helped me through periods of discouragement over dealing with both back and shoulder pain. It was like having a support group every time I came to therapy. I also learned to have complete confidence in their skills and knowledge.

Today I am able to use my shoulder in every way, including reaching overhead. I hope to go back someday and get some help for my back.

Sally Price

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