Sandra Ray – Pain Management

I couldn’t be more upset than I am to know that the wonderful service and treatment I received at OSC through the staff and especially Dr. Andrus and Dr. McFarland in the past few years. I received the Stimulation Therapy and feel it helps when I need it. Now that OSC is not in the Network of Humana, I am having to change my orthopedic Dr’s. Not very happy about it, but nothing I can do since I can’t afford to pay the difference after my Co-pay. I will miss the care that I received from Dr. Andrus. Her gentleness, kindness, honesty and compassion spills from her when she walks in the room. I thank her for the care and Dr. McFarland for his honesty of receiving the stimulator versus back surgery. Have to also thank Dr. Haynes, since he also did the surgery on my knee and shoulder. He was there with a kind shoulder to lean on during a tragic time in my life. At least OSC did notify me about the Humana change. Thank you OSC, Sandra Ray

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