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Sandy St. Ours – Hip Replacement

Hello my name is Sandy St. Ours, I am 71 yrs. old. I would like to tell you a little about myself and my recent hip replacement surgery. I was born with a “Congenital Hip Click” , which means the hip did not stay in the hip socket. As a result my left leg is now almost 3 inches shorter than the right leg. My right leg was my so-called “Good Leg”. This leg carried my body weight because I walked on my toes on the weaker left foot. Several months ago I started having severe pain in my right leg which I thought was coming from my arthritic knee., and was traveling up the back of my leg. Finally, had some x-rays taken and I made an appt. to see Dr. Haynes. The x-rays showed arthritis in my hip , so we tried a cortisone shot …which did not help. Finally Dr. Haynes said , he believed most of the pain was coming from the hip. He said , you need a complete hip replacement surgery. Finally, in April i did just that.! I am so pleased with the results, Dr. Haynes, and his entire surgical team. i am walking, shopping etc. and all this without pain. It is so great to be pain free!!!!! Great job! In closing , I would like to encourage anyone who has such pain to seek help not only from Dr. Haynes , but any of the Dr\’s and staff at OSC. A great place to get help and understanding . Thanks to my physical therapist who helped me after the surgery as well. Sincerely, Sandy St. Ours

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