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Sarah Klapperich – Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Numbness, tingling and shooting pain that felt like electric shocks in my fingers and hand. That was my daily experience. Diagnosis was carpal tunnel. When researching the condition, I read that allowing the nerves to continue to be compressed could cause permanent loss of feeling in my fingers. Time to go to the doctor.

A referral from my primary care doctor lead me to Dr. Boyd Haynes’ office at Orthopaedic & Spine Center, where surgery was scheduled. With his less invasive procedure, about 30 minutes was all it took.

I went home, armed with pain meds, and never had to take a single pill. When I worked my hand, as Dr. Haynes prescribed, it just felt a little sore, but no pain, no swelling in my fingers, no more numbness, no more shocking pains. The procedure left only a very small incision that did not require any stitches.

Two days after the procedure, I was able to shower.  After 8 days, at my follow-up with Dr. Haynes, he was satisfied with my progress, He encouraged me to try to use my hand as much as possible and resume my normal activities. It is nice to have full function of my hand again.

Thank you, Dr. Haynes and your staff at Orthopaedic & Spine Center (OSC) – you are all awesome!

Sarah Klapperich

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