Sheila Buchanan – Physical Therapy after Shoulder Surgery

pt-2016-groupI went to the OSC Physical Therapy Center when I had my knee replacement surgery and the Therapists there were so great, I knew I wanted to go there when I had my shoulder surgery for my broken shoulder.

As I expected, everyone I saw there helped me get more movement and less pain and more strength in the time I was there. Tom Toothaker, Jamie Swale, Victoria, Bill, Heather, and all the other assistants I saw were AWESOME!

A special thanks to “Wolverine” for the help with my good arm after a nerve was bruised from a needle while having my blood drawn at a different doctor’s office. I forgot his real name. LOL.

But if I ever need any therapy again, I would choose OSC Physical Therapy without any hesitation. They are great, and most of all effective!

Sheila Buchanan