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Sheila Moore – Thumb Joint Reconstruction


I have been decorating cakes for most of my life, as my parents owned a local bakery. I had been having some pain in my right hand around the thumb joint, so I decided to go see Dr. Haynes about it. I really thought it might be broken. Dr. Haynes ordered an x-ray and the conclusion was I had osteo-arthritis in my thumb. He told me his plan of attack and said I would have no more pain after he finished.

So in March of 2014, I went in for surgery. Dr. Haynes would be removing a bone and replacing it with a tendon from my wrist. I would be in a cast from finger tip to elbow for 6 weeks and then PT for as long as it took to get full range of motion again.

I am happy to say that I have not had any pain in my hand since the surgery and PT. My next step is to have the left hand done and I wouldn\’t trust anyone but Dr. Haynes as my physician.

Sheila Moore

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