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Sherry Neff – Post-surgical Physical Therapy for Total Knee Replacement

Image of Dr. Tom ToothakerIn March 2017, I had a total left knee replacement performed by Dr. Boyd Haynes. My physical therapy was at OSC Physical Therapy Center. Dr. Tom Toothaker met with me and designed a physical therapy program for me.

I worked very hard with him and his staff to increase the flexibility and range of motion necessary to regain full use of my left knee. It was a long, very painful process and, sometimes, I felt that I had hit a brick wall. I kept working, and with the help of Dr. Toothaker and his staff, I continued to improve. At the one year mark, I had regained my full range of motion. I still have soreness, but I continue to exercise and improve.

In the future, I will need to have a total right knee replacement done. I will schedule this surgery with Dr. Boyd Haynes again. I will also definitely do my physical therapy at OSC with Dr. Toothaker. I highly recommend this facility. This staff is well-trained and their expertise was THE essential element in my recovery.

Sherry Neff

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