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Sherry Neff – Total Knee Replacement Surgery

In March 2017,  I had a total knee replacement. Dr. Boyd Haynes was my surgeon and he did an excellent job. By Image of Dr. Boyd Haynesthe time I had surgery, my left knee was deformed (turning inward), very painful and I was walking with a cane. After much physical therapy and exercise, that knee is back to normal. I was up and walking the day of the surgery, but it took months of pain and exercise for me to regain my full range of motion and for the pain to subside. Dr. Haynes was correct when he told me it could take up to a year to fully recover from the surgery.

It has now been 15 months and I feel that I am continuing to improve. Although I am definitely not looking forward to it, I will be seeing Dr. Haynes in the near future to schedule a total knee replacement for my right knee. I know I will be looking at another year of pain and hard work to recover, but I would not want any other doctor to perform this surgery. I have total confidence in Dr. Haynes and the staff at Orthopaedic and Spine Center.

Sherry Neff

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