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Sherry – Spinal Surgery

About a year ago, I woke up suddenly in extreme pain, I could not walk. After many trips to the doctors, the cause was diagnosed, I had a nerve that was touching a vertebrae. I did everything but fly a kite in a thunderstorm to relieve the pain.

Since I was very apprehensive about BACK SURGERY, I figured interviewing some doctors would help. So I did my research, read bios, surgery experience for my particular condition, testimonials etc. One of the surgeons I visited was Dr. Jeffrey Carlson; he won out. I even felt happy after I left his office. He looked at my MRI, pointed to the issue and explained clearly how he would fix it. Answered my questions and provided literature for me to review. GREAT! That’s what I needed. My apprehension disappeared.

The surgery day was exactly as described, the pre- and post-op experience was great. I AM NOW PAIN FREE. I CAN WALK WITHOUT SCREAMING OUT IN SUDDEN PAIN. Thank GOD! I am going to physical therapy now, to strengthen my muscles and stretch them out.

I have no complaints. Dr. Carlson has a very good bedside manner, he listens and helps you to understand your issue, he was very confident of my outcome which gave me the confidence to proceed with the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Carlson!!!!!


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