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Sherzod Teshabaev – Multi-Level Lumbar Fusion

I work for Ringling Brothers Circus on the acrobatic equestrian team called the Cossack Riders, started by my family members.

I injured myself while lifting ramps for work and had to have lower back surgery. A few weeks later, I developed pain in my leg and foot which was really bothering me.  The circus was in Hampton, VA, so I came to see Dr. Jeffrey Carlson who was recommended as a spine specialist. He ordered an MRI to see what was going on with my spine.  Dr. Carlson said that I had another disc herniation and that fusion surgery would fix the problem, but I could continue with conservative treatment if I wished.  I decided to have the surgery.

I am now back at work.  I sent this video so that you could see me in action.  This is what I do every day on the job.  Thank you, Dr. Carlson, for fixing my back and getting me back in the saddle!

For more information on the Cossack Riders at Ringling Brothers Circus, click here: http://www.ringling.com/out-of-this-world/cossack-riders/

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