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Tanya Taskey – Lumbar Spine Fusion

I had lower lumbar spinal fusion for a degenerative disk issue. My surgery went well and I was happy to go home the same day, even walking out by myself with a walker. I was skeptical at first to go home, because of what I kept reading online about recovery. I was home and comfortable with my family. I prepared myself for a comfortable way to sleep and sit before the surgery and had everything ready at home. I kept up with my pain medicine as they said for the first couple of days and it didn’t bother me much. I even went to two Thanksgiving dinners one week after surgery.

I appreciated the home care I got (Personal Touch Home Health) and it was nice to talk to them about things. They were very supportive and helpful with everything.

It took me 8 weeks to get back to work. I work with one year-olds at a day care center and of course, that involves lifting, bending, sitting, squatting and a lot of back work. I worked closely with the physical therapy staff and they helped me get stronger with the type of work I do. I had to take it slow at work in the beginning, but after about 4-6 weeks of physical therapy, I am more comfortable with my movements at my job. I had to have patience and understand it can take a moment to feel like yourself again.

The staff from the doctor’s office and the Physical Therapy was great. The staff are personable at Physical Therapy, including the front desk and strong people skills at the office.

I must say it was a slow process, but not what I expected, it was better. I was doing house work just weeks after the surgery and was taking walks with my back brace 3 weeks after surgery, with precaution and only up to my abilities.

Thank you to Dr. Carlson, and Dr. Andrew Osowski with Fred Wintermantel at Physical Therapy for all their help and guidance through all of this. Today, I can say I am just about 90% better at my 3 month mark.

Tanya Taskey

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