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Tanya Vaughan – Bilateral “Jiffy” (Direct Anterior) Hip Replacements

Maybe only once or twice in your lifetime will someone help you so much that you want to scream THANK YOU on the top of your lungs!

Last year, I was unable to even go up and down the stairs. We were on a family vacation at the beach and I had to stay in the condo watching my family play on the beach while I sat on a chair in pain from my Arthritic Hips. As a 65 year old retired Clinical Counselor and mother of two teens (14 and !6) with a husband of 30 years, I thought “I am too young for this life of walkers and canes, not enjoying the ocean with my family.

As fate would have it, I found Dr. John Burrow from the Orthopaedic & Spine Center of Newport News. Within the same week of getting my X-rays we had our first hip replaced and within 6 months, the second. What a talented and caring surgeon Dr. Burrow was, and I am living proof today, able to run up and down the beach! Just walked two miles today to the fishing pier living an active life that was all but out of reach a few years ago.

Thank you Dr. Burrow your Bilateral Jiffy Hip Replacement was a success! Today, became one of the best days ever because I ran (one of my most favorite activities) through the ocean shoreline for the first time in three years. This was an incredible experience made possible because of Dr. Burrow. Dr. Burrow performed Bilateral Jiffy Hip Replacement Surgery for me, right hip on December 9th and the left hip February 10th. Both surgeries went well and restored my health and soul. I was given back the ability to do what I love the most outdoor activities, running, walking, traveling , and returning back to the mountains to snow ski out West my future plans! Not only Dr. Burrow was great. Everyone at the center from intake, scheduling x`ray, post-op was GREAT! Thank you so much I am forever grateful.

Tanya Vaughan

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