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Tom Zwerner – Spinal Fusion Surgery

IMG_1877It’s been almost a year since I had spinal fusion surgery. Prior to the surgery, I had been in significant pain when standing or walking for about 9 months. Today, I am pain free. Dr. Carlson and his staff were amazing, as were the folks who cared for me during physical therapy. One of my brothers had spinal fusion surgery many years ago and I remembered tears coming down his face when we drove him home. I was in little to no pain when my wife drove me home the day of surgery and walked up the steps to our house and down the hallway to my favorite chair with no assistance or walking aid. Within 3 days, I started tapering off the pain meds.

Dr. Carlson is as compassionate as he is knowledgeable and gifted; he also has a warm sense of humor. If you are having back pain, I highly recommend that you entrust Dr. Carlson with your healthcare. Both he and his staff will take wonderful care of you.

Tom Zwerner

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