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W. T. Guthrie – Spine Surgery

Dr. Carlson is my hero! He has performed two surgeries on me. The first was to repair a bad surgery from another doctor for a herniated discs in my lower back. I could barely walk before the surgery. And I had suffered with back pain for over 20 years. Within two weeks of the surgery (with Dr. Carlson) all pain was gone and I was walking like nothing ever happened! To this day, I don’t have back pain and that was five years ago!

My second surgery was for a disc problem in my neck causing migraines. I had been having severe daily migraines for years. Dr. Carlson ordered an MRI after seeing issues on my x-ray. The insurance company denied the request. Dr. Carlson went to bat on my behalf and did a peer review to get the insurance company to reconsider their decision and they did! How many doctors would do that?!! Dr. Carlson saw where my spinal cord was being pressed by my disc and requested immediate surgery. After successful surgery, my migraines have almost disappeared!

These two surgeries have changed my life. I can’t thank OSC and Dr. Carlson enough!

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