William (Bill) John Hammett – Meniscal Repair Surgery

I underwent surgery for a torn left medial meniscus (left knee) on February 5, 2015. This problem was first diagnosed in the Fall, but due to a family emergency, I had to reschedule twice. I found the staff friendly and understanding of my situation. My wait times were minimal for both my appointments and the day of surgery. My diagnostic and pre-operative tests were in convenient locations. This is especially the case with the open MRI capability, located within the same building, as well as radiology capabilities within the Orthopedic and Spine Center (OSC) building. I especially liked the after hours availability of the MRI.

My surgery went well and I am happy to report I had no need of the prescribed pain medication. After two days of keep my leg elevated with ice packs, I regained most of my mobility. As I write, this is my fourth post-operative day. My left knee is a little stiff with some swelling remaining. All-in-all, I feel great and as a 70 year old man, I feel great. I have used OSC before, as well as my wife, and we both have 100% satisfaction with the care we received.