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William Watkins III – Partial Knee Replacement

Physician: Dr. Haynes

It was a dark and stormy night. Deep in the throes of depression, I was contemplating the misery that had befallen me through the inexorable degeneration of my left knee by osteoarthritis. Boyd Haynes III, MD, at OSC in Newport News, had tried valiantly to avoid surgery, to no avail. When the fateful day arrived that I was told all non-surgical remedies had been exhausted, Dr. Haynes informed me that I was candidate for his new robotic partial-knee replacement procedure. Scheduling the surgery for June 26th, 2013, I looked forward to having my normal mobility restored. The storm clouds began to clear; there was hope.

Full of angst and trepidation, I agonized over what I feared would be a very unpleasant experience; fraught with all of the perils that one associates with major surgery. Dr. Haynes and his physician’s assistant, Jamie McNeely, went out of their way to explain the details, reassuring me that the risks would be minimal and the results beyond my expectation. On the day of surgery, both were there to greet me with their bright, smiling, optimistic faces, assuring me that I could expect outstanding results.

As I write this testimonial, it is ten weeks post-surgery. The promised results have been nothing short of spectacular, bordering on miraculous. It is the dawn of a new era for me, with blue skies and bright sunshine. I now have ninety percent functionality of my left knee in the performance of normal daily activities, with little or no pain. I expect 100% full functionality within another month or two of physical therapy.

For anyone who has suffered the quality of life degeneration that I have for the past five years, I can personally attest to the fact that full and complete restoration is achievable. I am so very grateful to Boyd Haynes III, MD, Jamie McNeely, PA and OSC for restoring my normal ambulatory mobility. Thank you all!

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