Workers’ Compensation

OSC’s dedicated Worker’s Compensation Coordinator, Amanda Hammond, assists injured workers, employers, claims adjusters and Nurse Case Managers with all their Worker’s Compensation needs.

To reach Amanda Hammond, please call or fax at:

Phone: (757) 596-1444 x 321

Fax: (866) 577-0452

Workers’ Compensation Injury Management

Workers’ Compensation Injury Management – Employees

Workers’ Compensation Injury Management – Employers

Workers’ Compensation Injury Management – Insurance Claims

Charie White is from Toledo, Ohio. She graduated Morrison R. Waite High school in June of 2000 and immediately enlisted into the military.  She served in the United States Army for twelve years as a Human Resource Sergeant. Other job titles she maintained and enjoyed were Secretary to the Commanding General, Security Specialist, Mail Clerk, and weapon Armorer, just to name a few.  

She has two children and two dogs who keep her life very busy and filled with never-ending joy and excitement. She loves meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds,  learning from them and offering encouragement when needed along the way.  

After she was honorably discharged from the United States Army, she decided to go into the medical field to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping people. Charie enrolled and graduated from ECPI University with a Science degree. Charie worked as a Medical Assistant, surgery scheduler, and as FMLA coordinator for 4 years, in which she learned a lot about general surgery, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

She began working at the Orthopaedic and Spine Center as a procedure scheduler in June 2019.  Charie decided to take on the multitasking job of Workers’ Compensation Coordinator because she is very aware of the importance in providing workers the coordinated care they need. As an Army Vet she understands that one must be fully ready and capable to take on the necessary responsibilities and duties a job entails, whether big or small. If an injured worker is not fit for duty, it is her job to assist in getting them back to that point if possible, to where they are able to work to provide for their families. 



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