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Fracture Care

The human body is an architectural marvel comprised of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs, and other soft tissues which are encased in a protective wrapping of skin. Our bones provide the hard, mechanical structure that allows us to stand upright, and do all the activities we enjoy, as well as provide protection for important internal organs like our brain, heart, and lungs. Infants are born with 270 bones, which as they grow through childhood and adolescence, will fuse into about 206-213 bones as they reach adulthood. The numbers can vary slightly since some of us may have genetic differences that cause us to have more or less bones than others.

Bones are vital, living tissues, made of mostly collagen and calcium, which also play an important role in the production of blood (from the bone marrow) and they act as a mineral reservoir from which the body can withdraw needed reserves. Bones have nerves, pain receptors, and blood vessels, although some bones are better supplied with blood flow than others.

When bone fractures occur, they can be barely noticeable or extremely painful and disabling. There are many different types of fractures and treatments for those fractures, depending on where the fracture is in the body.

Spinal Fractures

The fellowship trained orthopaedic specialists at OSC can diagnose and treat all types of bone and spinal fractures, from simple to the most complex, and are experts at orthopaedic reconstructive surgery. For an appointment for Fracture Care, please call 757-596-1900 or click here to self-schedule.

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